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2013 Sessions


Achieving Optimum Yield & Cycle Time: A Step by Step Guide

Whether you are in the manufacturing, retail, health services, financial, or any other type of industry, it's critical that you understand and zero in on the yields and cycle times of the key processes that run your business. Supply chains are an integral part of achieving the optimum yields and cycle times in any operation. For this session, "yield" is defined as the product/service that is ultimately delivered to the Customer after investing in resources to produce said product/service. "Cycle time" is defined as the time it takes from a Customer's demand trigger for the product/service until the time an organization receives payment. This session will help attendees identify how to establish proper metrics and associated targets in their business to measure yield & cycle times as well as how an organization can identify problematic processes and improve them. Methodologies of continual improvement in lean and six sigma will also be discussed and examples using this approach in various industries will be shared with the group as well as a road map of how companies can apply this strategy.

Presenter: Don Nester
                   Senior Project Manager
                   Rhode Island Manufacturing Extension Services (RIMES)

Africa Rising - The Rise of Business Development in Africa and its Unique Supply Chain Challenges

Business investment is growing in Africa. This global expansion requires infrastructure, roads, buildings, and power grids along with manufacturing plants, communications and commerce. We will look at the unique supply chain issues that all face in doing business in Africa. The session will address the rise of the Africa in the world of commerce, including growth rates and investment rates into businesses and infrastructure in Africa. How do these factors affect the African economy? What is being done, who is doing it, what countries and companies are going "All In"? The session will also discuss other critical issues in the African supply chain, including labor, equipment, infrastructure, modes of transport, facilities & support, governmental regulations, customs, and distances – all major factors in the growth of commerce and business development. Is Africa the next Asia?

Presenter: Ken Davis
                   Regional Vice President

Grow Your Business & Improve Customer Satisfaction through a Distributed Supply Chain of Drop-Ship & Third Party Logistics

Understand the key components of a distributed supply chain utilizing a blend of drop-ship and third-party logistics, and what it means to your building your business. Learn how a distributed supply chain can reduce costs and improve customer service ratings through improved order fulfillment teams and shorter deliveries. Examine the strategies to select a drop-ship or third-party logistics program to meet your specific business needs. See firsthand how these strategies have transformed some of the largest retailers’ product offerings through virtual inventory and customer service ratings. Leave with the confidence to examine your business needs and with the knowledge of resources available to build your business through drop-shipping and third-party logistics strategies.

Presenter: Paul A. Brisson
                   Product Manager

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Supply Chain

This workshop will provide an overview of health care reform and the impact it will have on the hospital providers. This presentation will highlight aspects of the bill that affect distributors and manufacturers within the supply channel and the potential downstream cost effect. We will probe strategies to partner within the supply chain to reshape the cost profile and delivery systems.

Presenter: Nick Dominick
                   Senior Vice President, Diagnostic and Support Services
                   Lifespan/Rhode Island Hospital

                   Ted Almon
                   President &CEO
                   Claflin Medical Equipment Company

Planning Analytics - Big Data Driven S&OP

S&OP processes are becoming mission critical in today’s dynamic business conditions. In order for S&OP to reach its full potential as a truly integrated business planning process, consideration of detailed data associated with various dimensions such as Product, Demand , Supply, Finance etc is needed. In order to achieve such detailed analytics and planning, traditional solution architectures are not enough. This session will outline a proposed solution to this Big Data problem.

Presenter: Nari Viswanathan
                   Vice President, Product Management

Interpreting the "F" Word in Supply Chain Customer Relationships: Is Everything Really "Fine"?

The people factor in supply chain relationships is what drives retention and growth. The ability to develop deep trusted advisor relationships is what fuels that growth and allows companies to maximize the potential in each existing relationship. Most companies have enormous untapped potential in their existing client base and the tools demonstrated in this session will help you capture that potential. Deep trusted advisor relationships lead to growth and retention today and for the long haul. This session will help you understand why clients buy from you and what is getting in the way of them buying more. By understanding clients at a deeper level you can capture the untapped potential in your existing client relationships.

Presenter: Tim Barrett
                   Chief Operating Officer
                   Barrett Distribution

Operational Excellence across the Healthcare Value Chain

Covidien has successfully deployed an Operational Excellence program based on the concepts of Lean, Six Sigma, and Design for Six Sigma for over ten years. The program has advanced from an initial focus on training and certification to a comprehensive improvement strategy across all aspects of the value chain. As a leading medical supplies and device manufacturer, Covidien has leveraged its Operational Excellence capabilities to drive performance improvement in all aspects of the business. These capabilities have been extended across the entire Value Chain by expanding efforts to key suppliers and healthcare providers. Kamal Ayoub, Global VP of Operational Excellence and Engineering , will share the Covidien perspective and demonstrated results for healthcare value including work here in Rhode Island.

Presenter: Kamal Ayoub, Ph.D.
                   Global Vice President, Operational Excellence & Engineering

The Right People: Talent Acquisition & Management in the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management has been recognized as one of the fastest growing careers, yet many positions remain unfilled as employers have difficulty finding people with the right skills and knowledge. This panel will discuss what companies can do to find the right talent, to retain existing talent, and to provide supply chain training for employees. In addition, the panel will address the role of educators in providing graduates with the right skills and knowledge, and how educators and industry can collaborate to produce the next generation of supply chain leaders.

Presenter: Jason Breault
                   Managing Director
                   LifeWork Search

                   George Ellis
                   Director, Global Logistics Procurement
                   Merck & Co.

                   June S. Youngs
                   Vice President of Distribution Operations
                   CVS Caremark

Risk Management: Preparing Your Logistics Network for Disaster & Recovery

Attending this session will provide insight to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for the retail sector. How do these natural disasters affect our retail economy? Who benefits and who loses? What is the “Waffle House Index” and its relationship with FEMA? Come and listen to actual CVS/Caremark incidents affecting hundreds of stores at a time and learn how they manage it from preparation to execution. What’s the customer see and what happens behind the scenes? This session will offer insight into the rewards of being responsible for Disaster Recovery.

Presenter: Alisa Tomasetti
                   Senior Manager of Logistics Planning
                   CVS Caremark

The Role of Advanced Planning Systems in Supply Chain Planning

Conventional, MRP-based planning systems in a dynamic, fast-paced medical device manufacturing environment can preclude firms from attaining the most efficient use of resources. Advanced Planning Systems (APS) have numerous benefits allowing companies to more rapidly aggregate demand, improve order-to-cash cycle times, and generate schedules that are realistic and achievable by having the capability to model constraints during the planning process. As a result of C. R. Bard’s organic business growth, international expansion and multiple acquisitions, their current ERP infrastructure is not sustainable. They have recently embarked upon a major Supply Chain transformation effort to centralize the Supply Planning function and implement APS. In this forum, Tony Balliro will present Bard’s case for change and their current path forward with APS.

Presenter: Tony Balliro
                   Director, Supply Chain Management
                   C.R. Bard

Strategic Sourcing & The Critical Role of Supplier Diversity

Large corporations have many important goals that they have to balance given the limited resources they have. One major change that has been generally adopted by many large procurement organizations within Corporate America is strategic sourcing. Strategic sourcing is being done ultimately to improve shareholder value by making procurement decisions more efficient and therefore beneficial to the bottom line. One important aspect of strategic sourcing is the rationalization of a corporate supply chain. This often requires that the number of suppliers utilized by corporations be reduced significantly. This workshop will discuss some of the best Strategic Sourcing practices in Corporate America and how some of these companies have managed to increase the efficiency of their procurement organizations while at the same time increasing diversity spend in their supply chains.

Presenter: Fred McKinney Ph.D.
                   Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council (GNEMSDC)

Supply Chain Predicitive Analytics - The Increasing Importance of Using Analytics in Supply Chain Planning and Response Management

Converging forces in the area of business process evolution, information, and database management technology are enabling the harnessing of a new era of predictive analytics capabilities that can be leveraged in supply chain resource allocation and decision-making processes. In this presentation, Bob will explore how senior executives view needs in business-wide supply chain decision-making, and will discuss software applications and database technology that will spawn wider adoption of predictive analytics tools. Bob will also discuss what professionals in operations, planning, procurement, and supply chain management should know in terms of decision making skills-readiness and tool adoption, including strategies to consider and key takeaways.

Presenter: Bob Ferrari
                   Managing Director
                   The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC

Sustainability is Good Business: Keys to Building a Successful Program

Learn how your company can implement a variety of sustainability initiatives. NFI implemented and maintains an effective sustainability program across its North American warehousing and transportation operations. Rob Barron will share his experience spearheading NFI’s evolution as a supply chain solutions and sustainability leader. He will provide insight on developing the teams and environment necessary to initiate and drive sustainability efforts that you can adopt in your company. In addition, Barron will discuss sustainability aspects of NFI warehouses, packaging materials, solar power, aerodynamics, and features of the NFI Fit Fleet that help reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Presenter: Rob Barron
                   Executive Vice President
                   NFI Industries

Top Supply Chain Security Threats Keeping Executives Up at Night

Securing your Supply Chain from various threats, both internal and external is a daunting task and critical to your Company's bottom line. These are the "what if's" that keep most executives and business professionals up at night. Not only do you have to be concerned with issues happening at your business but also ensuring that your suppliers, service providers and logistics partners are applying security best practices as well. Our expert panel will share the "Top Five Supply Chain Threats" and what you can do to protect your Company, your Supply Chain and ultimately sleep better too!

Presenter: Cheryl Snead
                   Banneker Industries

                   Robert Brodesky
                   Director, Transportation C
                   IHS Consulting

                   Sean Daniels
                   IT Pros

                   Richard K. Avery
                   Securitas Security Services NE Region

U.S. Customs, Border Protection, and International Trade - "Evolve or Die"

Supply chain globalization requires increased flexibility, but customs compliance has historically hindered the ability to be responsive. Christine will discuss best practices for working with government agencies on import compliance to help make the supply chain more nimble. Particular focus will be given to customs programs that facilitate trade, such as Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Importer Self-Assessment (ISA), and Centers of Excellence & Expertise (CEE), as well as some of the pitfalls/challenges encountered by companies that do not take a proactive approach to trade.

Presenter: Christine Lanoue
                   Director of Global Logistics and Customs Compliance

Steps to Successfully Select, Implement and Maintain Effective Supply Chain Software

The most efficient supply chains have software that enhances the visibility of knowledge of all aspects of the operation. Determining what companies to look at and selecting the right software is always a challenge but once you have picked the best partner for the future. It is important to maintain that relationship through a successful implementation. This session will describe step by step tips on how to select, implement and maintain a good relationship with your supply chain software partner.

Presenter: Susan Rider
                   Rider and Associates

What’s the Big Deal with ISO: An Intro to ISO Registration and Preparing to be Certified

This is the first in a series of two sessions on ISO. This session will offer a brief overview of ISO and the Standards (e.g., ISO9001, AS9100, TS16949, etc.).and answer basic questions many businesses may have before getting certified: Is getting ISO Certified right for YOUR business? What are the steps to registration, and the cost/benefit trade-offs? How should you go about selecting a consultant/management representative? If your company is considering ISO certification or you just want to learn more about the standard, this session is perfect for you.

Presenter: Jeffrey Hewes
                   Quality Manager
                   NOVA Marketing Services

                   Randy Pittman
                   Director, Business Development
                   NQA USA

Now that We Are ISO Certified, What’s Next?

In this second and more advanced session in our 2-part ISO series, we'll explore how to leverage ISO Certification within your organization for operational, marketing and sales success. We'll discuss the benefits of additional certifications based on your business, industry, markets, etc. Participants will also learn how to tie ISO Management Review Meetings to the organization's key performance indicators, how to issue corrective and preventative actions to drive customer satisfaction, and best practices for executing internal audit rounds. Whether you've been recently ISO certified or you've been certified for years, this session is for you.

Presenter: Jeffrey Hewes
                   Quality Manager
                   NOVA Marketing Services

                   Randy Pittman
                   Director, Business Development
                   NQA USA